Use Weakauras to make Prospecting and Milling in the Background more effective

Do you use the Consortium Key Sender to mill your herbs and prospect your ore in the background while playing Diablo or surfing reddit?

Yeah, that’s what I usually do as well.

But how often do you forget to check up on whether you have already gone through the entire batch of herbs and ore you had in your bags? This happened to me way too often, I’d check back into WoW only to see that my character had probably been standing around for the last 20 minutes doing nothing. Not very efficient is it?

So I set out to build a WeakAura to alert me whenever I am done prospecting or milling. Whenever I have 0 of millable herbs or ore in my bags the Aura triggers and will play an audible cue to alert me that the current batch of herbs or ore has been processed.

In order to do this yourself you will need the Addon WeakAuras2, after you installed it you just have to import the strings from the pastebin links below:

Pastebin – No Herbs Left

This will trigger if you have 0 Fool’s Cap, Silkweed, Rain Poppy, Desecrated Herb, Green Tea Leaf and Snow Lily in your bags.

Pastebin – No Ore Left

Similar to the Herbs WeakAura this will trigger if you have 0 Ghost Iron Ore and Kyparite in your bags.

Here’s a short video about how to import and use the Auras with a short demonstration at the end:

(sorry about the audio crackle issues towards the end)

I suggest changing the load condition to “never” and untick that whenever you start processing herbs or ore.

Oh is there anything you can’t do with WeakAuras?


I love this guy

I noticed this guy a few weeks ago. He bought a ton of my shoulder enchants and even more shoulder enchants from a guildie of mine. I was a bit amused and puzzled by it – who the hell needs this many shoulder enchants and more importantly for what? From what I could tell he wasn’t even resetting the market, he was just buying. He must have bought a few hundred just from me and my guildie combined.

And one day he sent me an ingame letter complaining about me dumping prices and destroying the market.

For everyone who is not really into making gold with inscription: These epic shoulder enchants are crafted with Starlight Ink which is generally regarded as pretty useless trash that you just happen to get when milling pandaria herbs. So any gold I make with these is considered a bonus, not a necessity to be profitable. Which is why I really couldn’t care less about the shoulder enchant market.

But you know who does care about the shoulder enchant market?

This guy:


A few days ago he started to try and reset the prices of the shoulder enchants to a ridiculous 260G. And then I come in and dump them down to 130G again just to screw with him.

I love it so much.


He continues to blow my mind. A few minutes after I took the screenshots above and wrote this post he decided to do this:


… yup



More dynamic weather events in Warlords of Draenor?

We all know Blizzard was experimenting with a lot of features in Mists of Pandaria and specifically Patch 5.4 that will, one way or another, make their way into Warlords of Draenor:

  • The little Farm in the Valley of the Four Winds will appear bigger and better in the form of Garrisons in WoD
  • The Trinkets that drop in Siege of Orgrimmar were a test for the new tertiary stats (cooldown reduction, cleave and multistrike) that will be introduced in WoD
  • The Timeless Isle was an experiment in keeping players engaged that didn’t heavily rely on dailies and from what I heard at Blizzcon Blizzard is planning to feature more of the somewhat dynamic content that the Timeless Isle provides all throughout the continent of Draenor

So… what about those weather stones?

Players have been asking about bringing back the night and more pronounced weather effects for quite some time. Vanilla WoW actually had proper rain storms!

The Timeless Isle brought some of those weather events back in the form of vanity items like the Rain Stone, the Ashen Stone, the Blizzard Stone and the Sunset Stone. I am sure you saw some of these in action in a major city like even though you might not have known what exactly caused that sudden blizzard in Stormwind.

My theory is that those items weren’t just added for vanity, I think they were added as a design experiment and I think we will see more pronounced weather effects and possibly even darker nights in Warlords of Draenor.

What do you think: Will we see more pronounced weather effects in Warlords in Draenor?

Weakauras can steal your gold (Updated)

Apparently there are some nasty people exploiting the incredibly powerful, useful and of course popular addon WeakAuras to steal Gold from people.

I heard about the exploit first on Reddit where it unfortunately didn’t get a lot of attention with only 8 upvotes.

Weakauras is a very powerful addon that can create icons, textures and bars to track cooldowns, boss abilities and much, much more. Part of that power is the ability to run custom .lua code within your auras. You can then easily link the auras you created to other people who also use the addons or export your aura so you can easily post it on forums and websites which other people can in turn import.

Here’s a video by the fantastic Youtuber Touchymcfeel that explains what is going on in Detail.

In touchymcfeel’s example he uses only a few lines of code to:

  • calculate how much gold you have and substract 30copper that are needed to send mail
  • insert a character name in the mail adress field
  • insert a message in the mail subject
  • optionally insert a message into the mail body
  • attach all of your gold (minus the 30 copper) to the mail
  • send the mail

The aura will trigger automatically as soon as you open a mailbox.

To protect yourself please only import weakauras from people you absolutely trust. Don’t click on any Weakauras from random people in Tradechat or people that randomly whisper you.

Scary stuff.


Apparently WeakAuras2 (a fork of the original WeakAuras) has been patched to make sending Mail and putting Gold into Trades impossible via Auras. This should make using WeakAuras a safer. It’s very easy to upgrade from WA to WA2 – just follow the instructions on Curse. You should probably still be careful about where you get your Auras from.

Thanks to @Wellwow for letting me know about the Update.