Update: Selling Vendor Items for Profit


In my last post I promised to do a short update on other vendor items you can sell for a profit.

Enchanting Vellum

I mentioned [Enchanting Vellum] but as of right now I can’t really recommend picking those up. I sold about a stack of them during the last two weeks between two and four gold so it might be worth looking into if you are really short on gold. They sell pretty slowly and I’m not sure whether it is worth keeping them posted on the Auction House.

A new Item appears!

But I found another really nice vendor item to sell for a hefty profit: [Scavenged Dragon Horn].

Scribes use the Scavenged Dragon Horns to create [Etched Horn], a rather decent Relic for people who just hit lvl 85. Etched Horns are also a fantastic way to get rid of all your excess [Inferno Ink] as they can be disenchanted to Smaller and Greater Heavenly Shards.

The Scavenged Dragon Horns are sold by a Vendor in the Twilight Highlands (Una Kobuna for Horde Players in Dragonmaw Port and Casandra Downs for Alliance Players in Highbank) and with the respective faction discount and bartering you can pick up the horns for 11g93s6c.

I recommend trying to sell the Scavenged Dragon Horns for about 99g as I have sold quite a few of those items so far with that price.

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