Savior of Azeroth

So I finally got my [Savior of Azeroth] Title and the [Life-Binder’s Handmaiden] Mount. Not really the way I wanted to get them but since it looks a bit grim in my guild PvE wise I thought I might as well buy a boost.

I ended up paying 90.000G for the boost which included the Mount and all the gear I could carry for both my DPS and my Tanking Spec (not that the gear would matter now).

I had to pull my own weight though and my DPS definitely helped out a lot which is why I’m not really embarassed to wear the Title or ride on the Mount. I worked hard for them, both during the raid and during the endless hours of AH camping and crafting to be able to afford that spot in the first place.

Have you ever bought a boost to get a sweet mount that you always wanted to have but knew you couldn’t get your hands on regularily? Do you feel a bit weird wearing a Title and riding a Mount that you actually paid to get? Let me know in the comments below!

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