Pandaria Update

Alrighty it’s time for a short update about goldmaking, pandaria in general and this Blog

Goldmaking in Pandaland

Unfortunately I didn’t really do a lot goldmaking in Mists of Pandaria since I was focused on getting my new main, a restoration and elemental shaman leveled and geared up. This also cost me quite a lot of gold since I wanted to get geared quickly and that meant having to buy very expensive crafted Leatherworking items.

Since I want to be able to help out our second raidteam I also leveled up a retribution/protection Paladin (my main in Cata) which I had to gear up as well.

All that leveling, running dungeons, doing dailies and of course my education didn’t leave a lot of time for goldmaking which is why I am actually down about 70.000 gold since the start of Pandaria. I am very determined to get all that gold back though.

At the moment I am working the Ironpaw Shuffle and the traditional Jewelcrafting, Alchemy, Enchanting Shuffle. Furthermore I am looking into moving to the 83-84 Pandaria leveling item market. I’ll give some more updates when I get some nice results.

This Blog

As you might have noticed this Blog looks a bit different than before. I finally migrated back to WordPress after having used Jekyll for quite some time.

I still love Jekyll and I will most likely continue to use it for other sites but with the setup I used I was only able to maintain the site when I was using linux (I am running a dualboot setup). Since I was usually too lazy to switch operating systems I wrote less and less content for the site.

I hope the move to WordPress will change that and you will see some more content from me in the future.

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