Give the Gift of Warcraft (or get yourself a Recruit a Friend mount on the cheap)


Blizzard is running a promotion on World of Warcraft and all the expansions up until the first of January. If you don’t have a recruit a friend mount yet this is definitely the time to get one.

With the WoW Battlechest for $5 (or 5€ / £4) you can get your very own [Obsidian Nightwing] mount very cheap.

In order to receive a RaF mount you will need to recruit someone or just yourself (even works on the same account). The recruited person then has to activate their trial account, upgrade to the battle chest and then add 60 days of game time to their account.

If you / your friend uses a game time card to add game time you will get your mount almost instantly, if a credit card is used you will have to wait two months. As another incentive you will also receive 30 days of game time.

Recruiting yourself will cost you about $20. $5 for the battle chest + $30 for the game time – $15 since your main account gets 30 days of game time.

Bonus Experience and free levelups oh my!

Should you choose to recruit yourself don’t forget about the insane triple bonus experience leveling two toons together can give you. Even better: every two levels the recruited account can grant a character on the main account a free levelup which could speed up your leveling immensely.

To receive the bonus experience two characters need to be within a certain level range, in a party and within a certain range of each other. The easiest way to get triple experience by yourself is just to log in on both accounts, party up and then put one character on /follow while you do your regular questing on the other character. Every somewhat modern computer should be able to handle two instances of WoW at the same time. If you really want to take full advantage of the experience buff you might also want to look into Multiboxing software.

If you have any questions about how Recruit a Friend works check out the FAQ Page or simply ask in the comments.

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