I am still alive!

I have been terribly quiet lately and I have a pretty good reason: I am now semi-hardcore raiding.

Back in December I got into a nice guild on my server that allowed me to get to 5/6 in Mogu’shan Vaults and get the full T14 normal clear. Unfortunately that guild kind of exploded after the raidleader called all raids until further notice. What a brilliant move!

But I didn’t give up there, I transfered my main char to a new Realm and I am now 9/16 hardmode in T14 which is not too shabby.

My new-new guild is raiding 4 days a week though which leaves little time for “serious” goldmaking that would be worth posting about. At the moment I am just doing my usual glyph routines.

So what I am thinking is to move this blog a bit away from being only gold-centric and go for a more general approach with goldmaking and PvE posts.

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