My way to a million gold. Part 1: Getting started with Transmog

I promised to do a writeup on how I got to my million. I felt it might be a bit too much to condense it into a single post so I am going to turn this into a small series.

When I came back to World of Warcraft at the start of 2012 I had about 13.000 gold on my account. I wanted to start raiding again and as you know to raid you need gear, flasks, pots, enchants, buff food, gold to pay off your repairs and so forth. Raiding is not exactly cheap.

So I needed to make some gold but I didn’t know where to start. I googled a bit and found quite a few gold bloggers and streamers and read and watched everything they did.

Unfortunately I did my research about the time where transmog was the new thing in the goldmaking community. Everyone was talking about it so that’s when I decided I should invest in the transmog market.

That’s when I learned my first lesson about goldmaking: Don’t invest too much – especially in markets you have no idea about.

Unfortunately the Transmog market sounds very appealing to a new goldmaker.

“What do you mean? I can just buy some green items for 50-100g and sell them for thousands?! That’s amazing!”

So I spent about 7k buying up all the different items on Keelhaul’s transmog lists. And those items barely sold.

I soon grew really tired of transmog and now I was down to about 4.000 gold.

The next post is going to be about glyphs and dealing with competition when trying to get into a highly competitive market. Stay tuned!


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