I love this guy

I noticed this guy a few weeks ago. He bought a ton of my shoulder enchants and even more shoulder enchants from a guildie of mine. I was a bit amused and puzzled by it – who the hell needs this many shoulder enchants and more importantly for what? From what I could tell he wasn’t even resetting the market, he was just buying. He must have bought a few hundred just from me and my guildie combined.

And one day he sent me an ingame letter complaining about me dumping prices and destroying the market.

For everyone who is not really into making gold with inscription: These epic shoulder enchants are crafted with Starlight Ink which is generally regarded as pretty useless trash that you just happen to get when milling pandaria herbs. So any gold I make with these is considered a bonus, not a necessity to be profitable. Which is why I really couldn’t care less about the shoulder enchant market.

But you know who does care about the shoulder enchant market?

This guy:


A few days ago he started to try and reset the prices of the shoulder enchants to a ridiculous 260G. And then I come in and dump them down to 130G again just to screw with him.

I love it so much.


He continues to blow my mind. A few minutes after I took the screenshots above and wrote this post he decided to do this:


… yup



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