Use Weakauras to make Prospecting and Milling in the Background more effective

Do you use the Consortium Key Sender to mill your herbs and prospect your ore in the background while playing Diablo or surfing reddit?

Yeah, that’s what I usually do as well.

But how often do you forget to check up on whether you have already gone through the entire batch of herbs and ore you had in your bags? This happened to me way too often, I’d check back into WoW only to see that my character had probably been standing around for the last 20 minutes doing nothing. Not very efficient is it?

So I set out to build a WeakAura to alert me whenever I am done prospecting or milling. Whenever I have 0 of millable herbs or ore in my bags the Aura triggers and will play an audible cue to alert me that the current batch of herbs or ore has been processed.

In order to do this yourself you will need the Addon WeakAuras2, after you installed it you just have to import the strings from the pastebin links below:

Pastebin – No Herbs Left

This will trigger if you have 0 Fool’s Cap, Silkweed, Rain Poppy, Desecrated Herb, Green Tea Leaf and Snow Lily in your bags.

Pastebin – No Ore Left

Similar to the Herbs WeakAura this will trigger if you have 0 Ghost Iron Ore and Kyparite in your bags.

Here’s a short video about how to import and use the Auras with a short demonstration at the end:

(sorry about the audio crackle issues towards the end)

I suggest changing the load condition to “never” and untick that whenever you start processing herbs or ore.

Oh is there anything you can’t do with WeakAuras?


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