(My Main Character – a Restoration Shaman)

Hello there, This is my cliché “about me” page.

I am esevenf. I am a 23 year old German guy living in Germany and studying sociology but I was always pretty interested in economics and especially how people and markets interact. That’s exactly the reason why I love playing the World of Warcraft auction house so much. It is very easy to observe that interaction because the mechanisms are relatively simple.

Up there you can see my main character – a Pandaren Shaman I’ve been playing since the end of Cataclysm.

Here’s a table of all my other Characters with their Specs and Professions

Character Class Primary Spec Secondary Spec First Profession Second Profession
Paladin (Blood Elf) Holy Retribution Alchemy (Transmute Master) Blacksmithing
Priest (Panda) Discipline Shadow Inscription Jewelcrafting
Mage (Troll) Frost Fire Tailoring Enchanting
Death Knight (Orc) 2h Frost DW Frost Herbalism Mining
Shaman (Panda) Restoration Elemental Inscription Jewelcrafting
Monk (Panda) Mistweaver None Skinning Leatherworking
Hunter (Panda) Beast Mastery None Skinning Leatherworking
Rogue (Undead) Subtlety None None None
Druid (Troll) Balance None None None
Warrior (Orc) Fury None None None
Warlock (Undead) Destruction None Engineering Tailoring
Another Druid (Troll) Balance None None None
Another Shaman (Panda) Restoration Elemental Engineering Leatherworking
Another Priest (Draenei) Discipline Shadow None None

What do you do all day besides playing WoW?

Well if I’m not running around in Azeroth you’ll most likely still see me in front of a computer screen.

I love everything about technology so I spend a ton of time on sites like reddit and Hacker News or browsing my countless RSS Feeds on Newsblur (RIP Google Reader) while listening to Podcasts or watching my favorite TV shows.

So here’s my linkdump for awesome podcasts:
Technology related:

World of Warcraft related:


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