Alrighty so here’s a list of the addons I am using. For your convenience I sorted them in categories a bit.

Actionbars, Unitframes and my cooldown Timers are hidden when not in combar.

General Interface


  • Altoholic – Allows to keep track of inventories of different Characters and their professions
  • ArkInventory – Great Bag Addon with a lot of Customizability to set up custom groups of items.
  • BuyEmAll

Crafting / Professions

  • Skillet – Simply a better Tradeskill Window, can set up queues


  • Auctioneer – The classic auctioning addon, I only use it rarely nowadays
  • Auctionator – Nice Auctioneer alternative – I use it for easy to handle Snatchlists
  • iSold – Not super helpful really, makes a nice cha-ching sound whenever you sell something on the auction house
  • Tradeforwarder – Does what the name suggests, it forwards tradechat to you whenever you are not in a city. Needs someone to forward the chat for you though so get your guildies to use it. If your PC is strong enough you could also use a free starter edition and run a second WoW instance.
  • TradeSkillMaster 2THE ultimate goldmaking addon. Takes care of posting auctions, sending items between your alts (for example profession items), item crafting and so much more.

Raiding / PvE


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