Savior of Azeroth

So I finally got my [Savior of Azeroth] Title and the [Life-Binder’s Handmaiden] Mount. Not really the way I wanted to get them but since it looks a bit grim in my guild PvE wise I thought I might as well buy a boost.

I ended up paying 90.000G for the boost which included the Mount and all the gear I could carry for both my DPS and my Tanking Spec (not that the gear would matter now).

I had to pull my own weight though and my DPS definitely helped out a lot which is why I’m not really embarassed to wear the Title or ride on the Mount. I worked hard for them, both during the raid and during the endless hours of AH camping and crafting to be able to afford that spot in the first place.

Have you ever bought a boost to get a sweet mount that you always wanted to have but knew you couldn’t get your hands on regularily? Do you feel a bit weird wearing a Title and riding a Mount that you actually paid to get? Let me know in the comments below!

Deal of the Day


So I’m starting a new post category: The Deal of the Day.

Should help me get to push out content a bit more regularily. But don’t worry I probably won’t post my Deals every day. This is just for those incredible Deals and Steals that I just have to post about.

And now on with the post:

I just picked up [Singing Crystal Axe] for 20G!

It’s an incredibly rare TBC world drop and looks extremely sexy as well. I hope I can sell it for upwards of 10k and I’m trying to sell it for 14999G at the moment.

Wish me luck!

Update: Selling Vendor Items for Profit


In my last post I promised to do a short update on other vendor items you can sell for a profit.

Enchanting Vellum

I mentioned [Enchanting Vellum] but as of right now I can’t really recommend picking those up. I sold about a stack of them during the last two weeks between two and four gold so it might be worth looking into if you are really short on gold. They sell pretty slowly and I’m not sure whether it is worth keeping them posted on the Auction House.

A new Item appears!

But I found another really nice vendor item to sell for a hefty profit: [Scavenged Dragon Horn].

Scribes use the Scavenged Dragon Horns to create [Etched Horn], a rather decent Relic for people who just hit lvl 85. Etched Horns are also a fantastic way to get rid of all your excess [Inferno Ink] as they can be disenchanted to Smaller and Greater Heavenly Shards.

The Scavenged Dragon Horns are sold by a Vendor in the Twilight Highlands (Una Kobuna for Horde Players in Dragonmaw Port and Casandra Downs for Alliance Players in Highbank) and with the respective faction discount and bartering you can pick up the horns for 11g93s6c.

I recommend trying to sell the Scavenged Dragon Horns for about 99g as I have sold quite a few of those items so far with that price.

Selling Vendor Items for Profit


When people try to get into making gold they usually do not have a lot of gold to begin with. So to get started new goldmakers are often looking for good, cheap and easy ways to get their hands on some gold which will allow them to branch out into other markets easier.

One of those good, cheap and easy ways into goldmaking is selling vendor items on the auction house. I’m not even talking about recipes and uncommon items like the Thunder Bluff Vendor Supply Route recommends. No, you can sell almost any vendor item for profit.

What to sell

During most of the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion [Dust of Disappearance] and [Vanishing Powder] were profession items, meaning they were exclusively supplied by Scribes. However this changed a while ago and you can pick those items up for very little gold from inscription vendors.

I pick up Dusts of Disappearance for 8g75s (with Exalted reputation) and regularly sell them between 14 and 20g. Vanishing Powder is even cheaper since it is only used by characters that are level 80 or lower, you can pick that up for 5s60c and mine usually sell for 1g50s.

The great thing about those items is that they are used relatively rarely by most people which is why they don’t bother comparing auction house prices with the vendor price.
Since they are already shopping for glyphs at the auction house they just pick up their Dusts and Powders right there as well.

If you are a Scribe this is even better news and might be an important lesson for you.

Don’t assume you have to compete with vendors

You don’t have to sell your Dusts for 7g and be satisfied with a low profit margin of a gold or two. You can easily sell them for more than double the price. This increases your profit margin by a huge amount while players will still happily take those items off your hands.

What else is there?

I am currently looking into other vendor items which might be worth selling on the auction house like [Enchanting Vellum].

I will post an update once I am confident they are worth selling.

And as always with goldmaking tips: It working for me does not neccessarily mean it will work for you on your server as well.